And also I love this thing of finally saying ‘you don’t have to be like somebody to love them, to really dig them and to want to be with them.’ You know, there is this whole concept that we’re all have to be like each other, we have to like the same things and if we don’t like the same things, we have to stop doing them. We’re always bumping into friends who say ‘ah I used to love salsa dancing but since I’ve been with so and so I haven’t done it because he doesn’t like it.’ And you wanna say ‘NO! Come on do it, if he really loves you and he loves you the way you are, he’s gotta support you while you go salsa dancing. He doesn’t have to go.’ And I think that feeling which is completely human and you don’t have to be an immortal to have a love like that. Just that feeling of supporting your partner and being there for them and it doesn’t necessarily even mean living together.
Tilda Swinton on Adam and Eve’s relationship in Only Lovers Left Alive (via kuzukiri)